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Our Projects

These are the projects that we are on record having  had in some way direct involvement in or as a tradesman contributed. 


The Sweatt Residence

Built 1890 -91

Ref: Cultural Resources Survey and Evaluation Olivewood-Mulberry House Relocation Project MAY 11, 2009

About Us

Mission Statement

 Artisan Historic Restoration.

Plans to take on projects that aid the community by preserving the history and traditions of the trades, while restoring what is being lost to the ravages of time.  By aiding home and building owners by creating a dedicated network of trades, crafts, artisans, business, civic leaders and all who wish to help. Also, by teaching all who wish to learn these crafts and trades in the field and in the classroom.

 For our youths, those newly released from incarceration, and our returning veterans. I plan to open trade schools and teach all who wish to learn.

Remembering the Forgotten 

Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

The founder of Artisan Historic Restoration has dedicated his to restoration and learning the different ways to restore a home.


Over many years in the field restoration. Artisan Historic Restoration has made contact with trade and craftsman in many fields of restoration.

Remembering The Forgotten

Let Artisan Historic Restoration give your project the expertise to shine like new